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Project at a glance

inEvent is a 36 month project, comprising 358 person-months of effort, with a total budget of 4.369 million Euros (and a requested EC contribution of 2.928 million Euros). 92% of the budget (345 person-months) is devoted to RTD, 3.8% (6 person-months) to dissemination and technology transfer, and 4.3% (7 person-months) to management. The effort is balanced over the duration of the project.

The following characteristics are reflected in inEvent :

  • Multi-disciplinarity: inEvent is built on a multidisciplinary team, and the final success of the project will rest on the integration of the team. Actually, several inEvent group subsets already worked together in the past in collaborative projects, which should make integration easier, while richer. Finally, there are strong interdependencies between the different tasks and work packages, making the whole much greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Hard science: Besides a compelling and original vision (complex objects structured as “hyper-events”; indexing and relationships between those hyper-events, and presentation of those hyper-events) coupled with integration and user-based evaluation aspects, inEvent is founded on strong research and scientific components in multimedia data mining, intelligent multi-sensory processing, social interaction (in meetings, lectures, videoconferencing, etc) and user-driven design, integration and evaluation.
  • Strong user focus: There are many intriguing ways in which complex objects and “hyper-events” could be developed. In order to guide our research, and to maximize its impact, inEvent will have a strong, user-led focus, reflected in the identified members of its Community of Users, which is expected to expand in the course of the project.
  • Expert-led: inEvent consists of a team with track records and reputations in specific fields; there is mutual trust in one another’s abilities, coupled with an understanding that this respect is earned.
  • Excellent project management: The management structure has been designed to be effective, flexible, and transparent; particular attention is paid to agility and to risk management (as further discussed below).
  • Diversity: Cultural, national, and professional differences in style and approach will be present in the consortium, and we embrace them as a strength and a learning opportunity. This diversity is also strongly reflected by the members of the Community of Users, really coming from different communities.
EU Project

Networked Media and Search Systems

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 287872”.