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InEvent – Accessing Dynamic Networked Multimedia Events

Started in November 2011, Idiap leads a 3-year European-funded research project named inEvent.

The main goal of inEvent is to develop new tools for working with recorded meetings, videoconferences, and lectures.

The project involves 6 partners: 3 industrial ones and 3 non-profit research institutes.



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In the first phase of this project, we are currently investigating user scenarios, user requirements and anticipating new ways of interacting with recorded meetings, video-conferences and lectures.

We are looking for two organizations that:

  • meet at least once a year,
  • cannot always get together but need to communicate,
  • would not mind having their meetings recorded and accessed by our automatic research tools.

For the right groups, this is a unique opportunity to communicate better, both in meetings and to the wider public.

To find out if your organization could benefit from working with us, have a look at this document, and do not hesitate to contact Klewel.