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inEvent Portal

The inEvent portal gives public access to a heterogeneous list of interconnected hyperevents. It makes use of the different technologies developed within inEvent and offers innovative means to navigate through interconnected-hyperevents.


The portal currently supports the following main features:

  • Authentication mechanism: registration, login/logout.
  • Public access to a set of heterogeneous talk and meeting recordings.
  • Efficient search through a repository of recorded events: text-based search, search by topic, media source, date, speaker and location.
  • Multimodal player with synchronized slides and transcripts, and easy means to jump to a specific slide, transcript line, and its corresponding recording instance.
  • Navigation across hyper-events displayed in an interactive graph.
  • Intra-event navigation through the different contextual data of a single hyper event  to find relevant information of interest ((slide, meeting participants, contextual resource)
  • Contextual recommendation of related hyper-events.
  • Social media features (comments, sharing on social media buttons) to engage the user community and increase recordings’ visibility.