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inEvent - Accessing Dynamic Networked Multimedia Events

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Designing for Multimedia Archives - Training Event
EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, October 30-31, 2014

More information about the workshop and registration here


The inEvent workshop (Audiovisual Communications to Empower your Organization) report is now available

Find here after the full report: Audiovisual communications to empower your organization

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inEvent - Accessing Dynamic Networked Multimedia Events

The main goal of inEvent is to develop new means to structure, retrieve, and share large archives of networked, and dynamically changing, multimedia recordings, mainly consisting here of meetings, video-conferences, and lectures.

Several partners of the inEvent consortium have indeed access to (and continuously generate) such large multimedia repositories, which keep being enriched everyday by new recordings, as well as social network data. The resulting resources often share common or related information, or are highly complementary, but also come from different sources, in different formats, and different types of metadata information (if any). Hence, it is still impossible to properly search across those very rich multimedia resources simply based on metadata.

Exploiting, and going beyond, the current state-of-the-art in audio, video, and multimedia processing and indexing, the present project proposes research and development towards a system that addresses the above problem by breaking our multimedia recordings into interconnected "hyper-events" (as opposed to hypertext) consisting of a particular structure of simpler "facets" which are easier to search, retrieve and share. Building and adaptively linking such "hyper-events", as a means to search and link networked multimedia archives, will result in more efficient search system, in which information can be retrieved based on "insights" and "experiences" (in addition to the usual metadata).

Reaching the aforementioned goal requires challenging RTD efforts going much beyond current state-of-the- art in the fields of knowledge representation, audio processing, video analysis, semantics of information, and exploitation of social network information. Ultimately, the main goal of inEvent could thus be summarized as developing new ways to replace the usual "hypertext" links (linking "information" bits) by multi-faceted "hyper-events" (linking different "experiences/insights" related to dynamic multimedia recordings).

Keywords: Networked multimedia events; indexing and searching, multimedia indexing, retrieval, searching, and sharing, social network data exploitation, hyper-events.


Collaboration between inEvent and the International Create Challenge 2014


The International Create Challenge (ICC) is a free of charge, 3-week immersive accelerator program that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to drive their projects to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Is is a unique program combining state-of-the-art technologies and cutting edge research, mentors-led coaching, micro-seed investment and a star prize of more than CHF 100'000.- .

icc_logo_2In 2014, inEvent will channel part of its dissemination and technology transfer efforts via the ICC event, which will take place at the Idiap Research Institute in Martigny from August 26th to September 16th. ICC thus especially encourages applicants interested in areas related to dynamic networked multimedia document indexing and recommendation. The organizers of the ICC are expecting that 1 to 2 (out of 10) ICC participation tickets will be reserved for teams whose start-up project revolves around inEvent research themes.

In exchange, and to encourage technology transfer, the inEvent technology portfolio (and associated IPR) and software will be presented in detail through talks and workshops, and made available for exploitation.

Whilst inEvent will directly benefit form the existing ICC infrastructure, this collaboration allows to encourage inEvent related activities. Organizing an inEvent-lead track on multimedia within ICC aims at exploring ways to collaborate with research institutions and spot new commercial applications for the different technologies developed by inEvent.

To summarize, the point is to give an overview of the different cutting-edge technologies developed within the inEvent project, and give the floor to creative and motivated entrepreneurs, researchers, and developers from outside the consortium to explore what can be commercialized.


inEvent, SILVER partner for the FRESH conference in Copenhagen, 26-28 January 2014


FRESH is a two-day conference that refreshes conferences, meetings and events and increases their effectiveness. By introducing and demonstrating the latest tools and knowledge we provide meeting planners, meeting designers, meeting producers and meeting owners with applicable improvement. All presentations, room layouts, the venue, the staging, the processes, the food… everything is new or innovative or at least interesting enough to investigate.

Why you want to be there

FRESH has a unique and 100% focus on the content side of meetings:

  • What participants learn from speakers and each other.
  • Who, and to what extent, participants meet new professional contacts.
  • How engaged and energized they leave ready to take action.

Everything that generates value in meetings and makes them more effective, that is what the FRESH Crowd is interested in.

More information about this event…

EU Project

Networked Media and Search Systems

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 287872”.